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Visitors Centre: Cnr Alma and Nolan Streets, Maryborough VIC 3465. Phone: 03 5460 4511. visitorinfo@cgoldshire.vic.gov.au


Food & Wine

Indulge in the some of the quality wine and dining opportunities the Central Goldfields Shire has to offer.


All Day on Broadway

PH: (03) 5468 1734

Fish & chips
BBQ Chicken
Ice cream

Bill's Fish 'n' Chips

PH: (03) 5461 1646
99 High Street

Fish 'n' Chips, burgers, souvlakis.

Bumpas Bakery

PH: (03) 5460 5003
1 Park Road

Wood fire oven cooked pastries. Cakes and sweet delights.

Chicken Maryland

PH: (03) 5461 3724
212 High Street

BBQ Chickens. Freshly cooked.

Fish 'n' Chips. Take away.  Closed due to renovation.

Class Kitchen

PH: (03) 5460 4043
83 Nolan Street

Speciality Pies/Pasties Cakes & Slices.

 Hot & Cold Food and Special Functions.

Monday - Friday 5:30am - 3:00pm; Saturday 6:00am - 2:00pm.

Hotline Pizza

PH: (03) 5461 1944
Dunolly Road

Butch's famous pizza's. The biggest family size pizza in town.

Pizza, Pasta, Ribs plus more.

Free delivery. Open 7 days.


PH: (03) 54 60 4644
Cnr High St. and Tuaggra Street,

Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The world's most popular chicken restaurant chain.

Majorca Road General Store

PH: (03) 5461 1881
11 Majorca Road

Open 7 days.

Hot Take Away. Fish 'n' Chips. Sandwiches and Rolls. Pies, Paties and Suasage Rolls. Weekly specials.

Maryborough Seafood Bar

PH: (03) 5461 1809
174 High Street

Fish 'n' Chips, burgers, souvlakis.


PH: 54 60 5479
Cnr. Tuaggra & Burns Streets,

Open 24 hours.

Also incorporating McCafe.

My Pizza & Pasta

PH: (03) 5461 2891
96 High Street

Pizza and pasta. Free delivery.

Special deals. Take away.

Noodle Sushi King

PH: (03) 5461 1298
202 High Street

Open 7 days 11am - 9pm.

Meals cooked while you wait.

Ol Pinkys Pizza

PH: (03) 5460 4441
83 High Street

Pizza, pasta, ribs plus more.

Delivery and special deals.

Parkview Bakery & Cafe

PH: (03) 5461 4655
21 Tuaggra Street

With two great locations, Parkview Bakery is an award winning, family owned business, offering high quality, locally made produce. Serving an extensive range of pies, bread, cakes and pastries, Parkview Bakery is a gem in the Victorian Goldfields.

Our specialty range of pies has garnered praise from many, with our steak pie being awarded the coveted Heinze Shield at the national pie competition in 2009. With entries from more than 2000 bakeries Australia wide, the Great Aussie Meat Pie accolade is accompanied by national titles awarded for our scallop, vegetarian ploughman's, mixed grill, Moroccan chicken, continental and satay chicken pies.

The spacious dining areas at both the Maryborough and St. Arnaud stores are perfect to enjoy a quality coffee made with our custom Parkview Bakery bean blend. Lunch is well catered for with our hot and cold foods for your selection. Our extensive range of cakes and pastries are all made on site and are ideal for the indulgent treat we all deserve!

Able to cater for both small and large groups, Parkview Bakery is the ideal place to stop, relax and take a break from your journey.

Monday - Friday 7.30am - 5pm; Saturday 7:30am - 3pm.  Sunday 9 am - 2 pm.

Red House Bakery & Cafe

PH: (03) 5461 1113
184 High Street

Open 6 days a week 9am - 5:30pm. Closed Sundays.

Large bakery menu to choose from.

Also incorporating a Kids Funhouse.

Steve's Fish 'n' Chips

PH: (03) 5461 3441
110 High Street

Fish 'n' Chips, burgers, souvlakis.


PH: (03) 5461 3444
167 High Street

Subs and wraps freshly made to order.